ERL Testbed

European Robotics League – Industrial Robots (ERL-IR) Testbed


About ERL-IR

Greater automation in broader application is essential for ensuring European industry remains competitive. In today’s production lines, customization grows more and more. This results in smaller lot sizes, more individual and more flexible production processes. By combining the versatility of human workers and the accuracy, reliability and robustness of mobile robot assistants, the entire production process is able to be optimized. The ERL-IR competition is looking to make these innovative and flexible manufacturing systems. More information of the ERL-IR at



The ERL-IR testbed uses a scaled-down environment typical for a small- to medium-sized factory production area, including all its environmental aspects like walls, workstation areas, shelves, machinery and supply devices like conveyor belts. The testbed for the ERL-IR competition consists of the arena (e.g. walls, workstation), networked devices and task-related objects. The robot can communicate and interact with the networked devices, which allow the robot to exert control on the testbed to a certain extend. More detailed information of the Testbed can be found in the ERL-IR rulebook.



ERL-IR Testbed at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University (BRSU), Sankt Augustin – Germany


Environment Structure and Properties

  • The testbed is a single, large open space; there are no rooms separated by walls.
  • The testbed can consists of various numbers of spatial areas
  • The spatial areas can be shelves, force fitting workstation, conveyor belt, or assembly workstation.
  • The floor is flat with no stairs.
  • Boundary can be constructed by:
    • interconnected wall elements with a height of 30 cm
    • marked by barrier tape.
WorkArenaBRSUSpatialAreaDimension barrier_tapes_in_china15
TestBed Top View Marker as Boundary


Networked Devices

The following are the networked devices which are available in the ERL-IR Tesbed:

  • Central scheduling system (Central Factory Hub).
  • Conveyor belt.
  • Quality control camera.
  • Force fitting machine.
  • Drilling machine.
  • Rotating Table.
drillingMachine forceFittingMachine QCC