Best Student Paper Award for MAS Students Sundaram and Ludwig

Two Autonomous Systems students, Ashok Meenakshi Sundaram and Melanie Ludwig, have won the best student paper award at the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well (ICT3AgeingWell) in Lisbon. The paper “On Modeling the Cardiovascular System and Predicting the Human Heartrate under Strain” assesses analytical and AI-learned models of the cardiovascular system and compares their predictive power. These models are used for operating intelligent training systems, which adapt the training level according to the expected reaction of the patients’ cardiovascular system. Thus, the training sessions become more effective and overexertion can be avoided. The paper is part of the university’s Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) research. This work was supervised by Matthias F├╝ller, Prof. Dr. Alexander Asteroth and Prof. Dr. Erwin Prassler.