Our @Work team ranked 3rd @RoboCup ’15 in China

After finishing second in this year’s GermanOpen in Magdeburg, the international team of MAS-students achieved the third place in the @Work league at the RoboCup 2015 world championships in China. Oscar Lima, Shehzad Ahmed, Santosh Thoduka, Alexander Moriarty, Ashok Sundaram, Arka Mallick, Padmaja Kulkarni and Deebul Nair as well as their advisors Prof. Dr. Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar, Jose Manuel Sanchez Loza and Frederik Hegger invested much time in preparing for the competition and making this success happen.

RoboCup '15 - b-it-bots youBot in action

This year, a total of six teams from three different countries (4x Germany, 1x Singapore, 1x China) were competing in the RoboCup@Work league.

The b-it bots are not expected to take too much time off after celebrating their success, because the next goal is already set: a place on the podium in the 2016 World Cup which will take place in Leipzig, Germany!

More impressions of the competition can be found on our Facebook page.

Final Scores:

Place Team Score
1. LUHbots 8465
2. Robo-Erectus 6165
3. b-it-bots 4905
4. KeJia Worker 2570
5. WF Wolves 1890
6. robOTTO 1130